The change

After years of development and improvements, the sqlite database becomes the default with v7.0.0-rc1. The database is used for offlineimap to track what was already synced in the cache.

Prevent from errors

This change means that downgrading from v7.* to any previous release might be prone to errors. While the migration from the (legacy) plain text database to sqlite is seemingly handled, it is not the case the other way around. In other words, this might lead to emails re-downloads and duplications.

Before downgrading from v7.* to any version 6.*, users must make sure to have the sqlite backend enabled in the configuration file.

Other considerations

  1. While sticking to the plain text database is still possible as for now, users should expect this backend to become deprecated and removed in the future.

  2. Once switched of backend from plain to sqlite, you may want to manually delete the old cache directory in <metadata directory>/Account-<account>/LocalStatus . The sqlite cache stands in the LocalStatus-sqlite folder.