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  • v7.0 series is ready, deprecating the v6.7 series

    Near 8 months after the first v7.0.0 release the latest v7.0.14 is quite reliable.

  • tracking regressions

    Four days after v7.0.0 and v6.7.0.2, I’ve had to release v7.0.1 and v6.7.0.3. One day later it was for v7.0.2. Again, I intend a v7.0.3 soon. Something gone wrong, obviously.

  • how to ignore UIDs

    When offlineimap is on trouble, it’s now possible to ignore UIDs.

  • improving the policy about the imaplib2 library

    Since John left the project, many users and contributors asked why imaplib2 (the IMAP library) is packaged within offlineimap.

  • offlineimap learns Python 3 support

  • sqlite becomes the default

  • Our GSoC 2016 with Gentoo

    A sad story.

  • Why Github pull requests suck so hard

    One thing that really irritates me at Github is the pull request feature. Almost all about this feature is done wrong.

  • GSoC 2016, we are accepting students to work on imapfw!

    This year, we applied to the Google Summer of Code 2016 via the Gentoo organization, our umbrella organization.

    Since Gentoo is accepted, students interested to work on imapfw should contact us!

  • A tale of FMD5 (or upgrading offlineimap from 6.3.4 to 6.6.1)

    While upgrading my Debian machine from jessie to stretch, offlineimap was upgraded from 6.3.4 to 6.6.1 and it had a unexpected effect in my case.

  • No, I'm not using maxconnections

    I’m not using the maxconnections feature in the configuration file. Here is why.

  • Does not have a message with UID 15541

    A message refuse to be downloaded despite reported as a mail with an UID. Server or OfflineIMAP then say that the account does not have that UID, and fetch of the message fails.

  • users of Gmail, my mails might go to your SPAM folder

    Becare Gmail users, my emails might go to your SPAM folder! This includes those sent to the mailing list.

  • imapfw is now open to contributions

    imapfw is reaching an interesting stage for the developers. Also, I made a screencast for starting with imapfw.

  • imapfw is made public

    I’m publishing imapfw, a new IMAP tool which I intend to replace OfflineIMAP. ,-)

  • Why we've changed maxage

    (Change introduced in OfflineIMAP v6.5.7)

    As a maintainer, there are features I’m more confident about than others. This is especially the case when it’s about code that has been there for a long time that had few issues for years.

    When Janna Martl raised issues with maxage, introduced in August 2009, it really came as a surprise…

  • Planning a deep refactoring

    I’m planning a deep refactoring.

  • An history review

    Let’s take a step back!

    OfflineIMAP started back in 2002 as a one-guy project, John Goerzen. He did all the hard work to start it from scratch, set up the public repository, the mailing list, packaging for debian, etc.

    He continued to improve and maintain the source code until he retired in May, 2010 in a well-written letter. Since then, OfflineIMAP had to survive of strong challenges…

  • Welcome to our new website!

    I’ve started a new website. Let us know your feedbacks!