With the great work done by Łukasz Żarnowiecki, offlineimap starting from v7.0.0-rc2 can run with Python 3.

This feature is marked EXPERIMENTAL for now because it’s still very new.

You’re very welcome to test this feature and report bugs in our issues tracker and the mailing list.

Thank you Łukasz!

What to expect

With Python 3, some bugs gets fixed. The ones that come to my mind are:

What NOT to expect

Improved encodings support. It is true that Python 3 has much better support for Unicode than Python 2. However (you likely already know it), supporting encodings other than UTF-7 with offlineimap is hard, very hard. So, I don’t expect this feature to come while Python 2 is supported.

Known issues

If you have enabled the unsupported decodefoldernames configuration option or if your are using your own tricks to have other encodings than (IMAP) UTF-7 for your Maildirs, be aware that the FMD5 won’t match. This will cause issues while syncing.

Users following the expected usage of offlineimap are not concerned.