Near 8 months after the first v7.0.0 release the latest v7.0.14 is quite reliable.

The v7.0 series

The v7.0 series was born due to breaking changes. The main change was the move to the SQLite backend driver by default.

A good work have been done to improve this series in different areas:

  • the SQLite backend;
  • concurrency issues;
  • the structure algo comparison;
  • IMAP/IMAP syncs;
  • XOAUTH2;
  • mbnames;
  • some fixes for some other bugs.

Actually, all the releases since v7.0.0 are small bugfix releases.

With this fresh new release of v7.0.14, we get a reliable version of offlineimap.

Time to deprecate the v6.7 series

At the time of the release of v7.0.0 I’ve officially provided support for the v6.7 series to make the transition as smooth as possible. There is not anymore reasons to keep it and remain with the legacy text backend.

I plan to remove the DEPRECATED legacy text backend in the near future. This may happen for the next release.

Welcoming the official testers

We improved the release cycle by adding a new step. Before new releases, I freeze the code and make a call for testing. The official testers are expected to try and test the tip of the git branch called next.

This is usually done after I’ve tried it myself. Actually, I’m always running the tip of the next branch for all my offlineimap accounts.

The distribution maintainers are already very involved for a long time. I’m happy some users decided to join our efforts. Here are the current official testers:

  • Abdó Roig-Maranges
  • Ben Boeckel
  • Chris Coleman
  • Darshit Shah
  • Eygene Ryabinkin
  • Igor Almeida
  • Ilias Tsitsimpis
  • “J”
  • Łukasz Żarnowiecki
  • Rainer M Krug

Obviously, newcomers are welcome at any time. We provide better support to the official testers. To become a member of this team you just have to declare you intend to join. Let us know! ,-)

We’ve written documentation about testing offlineimap.