A 2 minutes guide for hours of time saved

Know the organization

There are 4 official ressources you should know:

Continous improvements

In your learning process, for whatever question that might raise to your mind you should start by checking the documentation.

Though, be care to not spend too much time at searching for answers. If you couldn’t find the answer to your question after 10 minutes of researches, you should ask at the mailing list or github.

While requesting us, please explain what you’d like to do in few lines and what researches you did (search keywords, documentation overviewed, etc).

The reason is that we try to provide easy and effective documentation. If for whatever reason the answer is already there but you couldn’t find it quickly, we have to be aware that the documentation might need to be revisited.

Notice that you might not get an answer soon. We don’t aim to provide a quick support. The reason for applying this rule is only to let us know. The goal is to allow us improving the most effective experience for new users, contributors, etc.

Of course, for very specific questions you might increase the time limit a bit but the same rule applies.