The wiki is a usual Git repository while it’s not a Github project.

There are 3 URL associated with it:

So, here is what users can do:

  • non Github users:
    • clone
    • change locally
    • put it somewhere else
    • raw git pull requests
  • Github users:
    • all the above
    • oneline edit
    • push to it directly (?)
  • team maintainers:
    • push

The problem is that users are more used to Github projects, with pull requests available. So, to open the contributions, I made a mirror of the sources.

There are 3 more available URL:

This enable more, especially for the Github users:

  • better visibility (a classic Github project is on the projects page)
  • Github fork
  • Github pull requests


Users are allowed to easily fork the wiki sources. It’s expected they can make Github pull requests.

As a maintainer, we only have to merge those to the mirror and push the changes back to the real sources.