Becare Gmail users, my emails might go to your SPAM folder! This includes those sent to the mailing list.

It appears that Google is getting things wrong to the war against spam. While I never made spam and never got my address spoofed, I’ve had reports from users of Gmail that they are seing my mails going to the spam box.

I’m not going to detail the reasons here. I am well aware about what’s going on. That’s not the point of this post. As a mail user complying to the netiquette, I expect my mails to reach the INBOX of the recipients. Not having them marked as spam.

Don’t get me wrong, war against spam is hard. Still, false positive in spam filtering is wrong, bad and hurting for the users. This might even cause serious damages into your economy.

Google appears to have very strong policies. As a consequence, many respectable mail users trying to reach you at Gmail might be discarded from your eyes.

It looks like the big company decided to rely on automatic rules only. At least, Google makes no efforts to fix their spam filtering issues since it is well known for years. Their policy massively affects millions of users.

In my opinion Google Intelligence Agency makes no point into making mails right. They are too much obsessed to build and own the Algorithm That Will Change The World.

Also, it’s clearly not the first time that Google breaks things. Even the IMAP protocol is not correctly implemented/extended.

The sad news: in this case there’s not much I can do but let you know the best way I can.

So, if you use Gmail, you might need to add a filtering rule.